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Imran Allie

Dr Imran Allie

Office: M101.5

Phone: TBA

Email: imran.allie@uct.ac.za

Dr Imran Allie completed his BSc at UCT in 2009 and his BSc Honours degree at UWC in 2012. Since his Honours, he has held a few different data analysis positions in various organizations, including both corporate and local government environments. During this time, he furthered his studies in mathematics as a part-time student, completing his MSc and PhD at UWC under the supervision of Prof Eric Mwambene. His research interest is in Graph Theory. In particular, his PhD topic involved measurements of edge uncolourability in cubic graphs. At the 2018 annual SAMS congress, Dr Allie achieved 1st prize for best talk by a PhD student, and in 2019 was nominated for "next generation researcher award" at UWC.

See here for a list of possible topics in graph theory for potential MSc/PhD students to be supervised by Dr Allie.