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Research Areas

Research Projects

  • Computable Analysis and Quantum Computing (Grant holder), 2006-2010, Grant FA2005033000027 of the National Research Foundation (NRF).
  • From Continuity to Computability (Grant holder), 2007-2009, South African-German research cooperation, Grant 64983 (DFG/NRF).
  • Computability and Complexity Theory on the Reals
  • Borel Complexity in Computable Analysis (Grant holder), 2008-2010, South African-Italian research cooperation, Grant 65146.
  • Computers and Algorithms in Mathematical Economics and Finance (Project member), 2007-2008, South African-Hungarian research project (NRF).
  • Computability of Fixed Points in Economics (Project member), 2007-2008, South African-Hungarian research project (NRF).
  • Logic and Information: From Logic to Constructive Reasoning (Project member), 2007, South African-Swiss research project (SNSF/NRF).
  • Computability of discontinuous functions - Towards establishment of its paradigm (Overseas member), 2004-2006, Japanese Science Grant-in-Aid 16340028 (JSPS).